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Trix Organizer Software - Mining/Energy Examples
Remote Mining Location

Mine PhotoOne of the world's largest iron ore mines is situated above the Artic circle in northern Sweden. To construct it design engineers and equipment manufacturers from all over the world share complex documentation with contractors on-site in a particularly harsh environment. A hosted Trix Organizer was used to store all the construction drawings and associated documentation.

Now that the mine is operating the completed database has been ported to the local IT department and is used to support operations and maintenance.

All the equipment numbering is to our design to meet international standards. Equipment IDs are stored in Trix Organizer and associated with their drawings. IDs are linked to third party maintenance planning software so work orders bring up required drawings and manuals in the system.


Gas and Oil Pipelines

Trix Organizer is installed to manage the documentation of equipment for oil and gas pipelines. The system provides maintenance and repair crews with immediate access to up-to-date drawings and technical documentation.

Equipment must also be relocated often. The documentation in Organizer tracks 'what is closest to where', enabling efficient and cost effective redeployment.


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