Software Product Range

Trix Organizer™ and Trix FastDoc™

For Managing Technical Data and Documentation.

Trix Organizer provides Engineering Data and Document Management for the larger enterprise.

Trix FastDoc provides hosted Engineering Document Management for the smaller business. Demo on request.

Trix RasterServer™

Enterprise Strength Batch Conversion of CAD files to PDF and Raster. Downloadable Demo.

Trix ImageMaker™

Front End Data Acquisiton Software for Creating Images of Documents and Drawings and Collecting Metadata. Demo on request.


Software for Reviewing, Approving, Symbol Addition and Minor Editing of Drawings without needing CAD. Downloadable Demo.

Trix DrawingCenter™

Professional Strength Viewer for Engineering Drawings with Features that include Auto Comparing, Mark Up, Framing and Watermarking. Downloadable Demo.