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Trix Organizer Software - Manufacturing Examples
Drawings and manuals instantly
available on the assembly line

Engine Assembly Plant Photo A newly built plant for the assembly of industrial engines was handed over with the majority of its drawings provided in a cardboard box of DVDs. The assembly line is over a quarter of a mile long and valuable time was being lost by maintenance staff both getting to and trying to find the correct drawing files.

To address this Trix Organizer was installed and set up so that staff could simply drill down a trees structure based on stations and processes to identify and open the drawings and manuals needed.

Each station has its own computer and uses the Trix Organizer Web client. Maintenance staff redline drawings in Trix Organizer when changes are made and this redline is used by CAD operators to check out and update the master CAD files.


Capture of local equipment re-designs
into centralized drawing management
A world leader in the production of bearings and lubrication systems manages its continually changing plant and equipment drawings and documentation in Trix Organizer. As an integral part of the document management system Trix ImageMaker software enables the company's manufacturing facilities around the world to directly 'print' drawings and their associated metadata directly into the central Trix Organizer system.

This functionality means that the drawings produced by older, foreign language, versions of CAD software in the remote locations are entered into the system as easily as drawings produced at the head office location.

Bottleneck Reduction by replacing
Excel based transmittal tracking

StructuralSteelLondonAquaticsCenter A large structural engineering drawing office was using a file based system to manage their documents and the PDF files produced by their steel detailing software for issue to manufacturing and sites. This caused costly bottlenecks in the production and distribution of the paper transmittals.

The installation of Trix Organizer eliminated the bottlenecks and did away with the complex and unreliable Excel spreadsheets which had been used to track transmittals. It also provided immediate access to drawings on the shop floor, replacing the need to walk to the office to pull drawings.


Process Plant - linking drawings to
equipment in the database
In a Chemical Plant drawings are directly tied to Equipment ID. Using the Component Management Module, managers can ask and immediately get answers to the questions "What equipment is affected by a change to this drawing?" and "What drawings and documents are called by this piece of equipment?"

All data is stored at a centralized data storage location and served out to individual users using either the Trix Organizer Web client or regular clients over Citrix.
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