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Trix Organizer Software in Facilities
National Retail Chain

Retail Chain User InterfaceA national chain of hardware stores stores the drawings of its individual outlets along with contracts, correspondence and photographs of displays in a database hosted by Trix Systems.

The chain comprises very many relatively small outlets, both owned and franchised,  often in remote rural locations. Until the Trix Systems database was implemented it was was very difficult for head office to locate and keep track of documentation for the individual outlets.  Now, using their Web Browsers, local area managers can reference existing drawings, pictures and contracts, redline them and upload new or revised versions.

The new versions are immediately available for management at the head office who refer to them to assist with floor planning and other design changes.

Entire Cities

City of MariestadTrix Organizer is commonly used by cities, towns and regions to store their engineering documents. The documentation for facilities, housing, schools, roads, water, drainage and even transportation systems are logically and efficiently managed by Trix Organizer so that departments have access not only to their own documents but also to relevant documents originating in other departments.

Urban documents are typically long-lived with considerable intervals elapsing between changes. Trix Systems has evolved considerable experience importing and classifying documents of all ages so that they can be rapidly found and viewed.   


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