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Trix Organizer Software - Construction Example
New Construction/Project Management

Completed TunnelConstruction of a 3 mile (5 km) road tunnel under Stockholm took over five years to complete. Trix Organizer stored and managed all the mechanical documentation throughout the project, including check-in/check-out control of subcontractors.

As the system retains prior versions of document files for review or reversion most documents contain multiple filesó hence several million files are stored in the database.

On completion the Trix Organizer database was transferred to the tunnel operators. This provided them with a completely up-and-running tool which they continue to use for the efficient maintenance of the tunnel.

As the data was complete, entirely in digital format, and in one single database, the tunnel operators were spared the tedium and considerable expense too often associated with collecting as-built post-project documentation.

The Assembly Builder was used to create and maintain PDF binders of the documentation needed for entire maintenance functions such as Ventilation and Lighting.

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